What Is Sleep Training?

by | Aug 28, 2019

If you’re exhausted, then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you feel like your baby won’t sleep? Are you struggling to get them to fall asleep easily at bedtime and or are up several times throughout the night fighting with them to go back down? Does every nap feel like a battle? Are old strategies like rocking and nursing no longer working? Do you miss your evenings, a full night of sleep, and your sanity?

These are all things that Oh Baby graduates have experienced and, after working together, are no longer struggling with. But taking the first step is often the hardest part. The term “sleep training” has such a negative connotation that many parents run away and disengage before exploring what it truly means.

What is Sleep Training?

Sleep training – also known as sleep coaching – revolves around education and support in pursuit of a good night’s sleep. This includes following an age-appropriate schedule, maintaining a good sleep environment, establishing and sticking to a bedtime routine, and promoting independent sleep skills. My goal – aside from helping your family sleep better – is to build positive sleep associations and to help your little one learn to self-soothe – a skill that is going to come in handy for the rest of their lives, even outside of the bedroom. Learning to sleep, like any other developmental skill, takes practice. So, consider sleep training yet another important parenting decision to help your struggling and tired child get the rest they need to grow and develop.

Working Together: What to Expect

When working privately with me, I will customize a sleep plan to fit your individual needs, parenting philosophies, and lifestyle. I do this by blending my knowledge of pediatric sleep with the answers to a comprehensive questionnaire that you will complete when we begin our work together. This evaluation helps me to understand not only the nuances of your child’s sleep but also the needs and goals of your family so we can make sure that this process works for YOU!

After I get a clear picture of your sleep situation and current goals, I will build a plan unique to your family. The plan will detail everything from daytime schedule to handling night wake-ups & everything in between. I’ll share this plan with you during an hour-long consultation. At this time, I will:

  1. Educate you on WHY sleep is important and give you a good base of knowledge so that when you hear my recommendations, you’ll better understand how they will help your child become a fantastic sleeper. You’re going to become a sleep expert!
  2. Walk you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that is created specific for your child.
  3. Answer all of your sleep questions so you feel 100% confident about our plan of action.

After our consultation and when you’re ready to get started, I’ll support you every step of the way via phone calls, emails, and sleep tracking/analyzing. This is the best part of working with Oh Baby (according to most clients) and really makes the difference between a temporary fix and lifelong sleep changes.

What’s So Special About Oh Baby?

When parents invite me into their lives – whether that’s through one-on-one support, at an educational seminar or utilizing the tips & tricks they’ve learned from my blog or on Instagram, I see it as a great honor and one that I take very seriously. I use my background in psychology and child development along with my leadership role in the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants to stay up to date on the latest evolutions in the field of pediatric sleep and blend technical knowledge with empathy and compassion to tailor the support I provide.

Not all sleep solutions are created equal. The various “methods” you can choose from when sleep training are only one piece of the puzzle. Anyone can Google sleep training and get many variations, approaches, how-tos, and conflicting opinions on why to use one way over another. But if it were simple, my job wouldn’t exist, and we would instead live in a world where everyone was happily well-rested.

While most books, online classes, and programs take firm philosophical stances on methods for solving childhood sleep issues, I believe that your sleep situation is as unique as your child, and sleep solutions are not one-size-fits-all. My methods and plans are tailored specifically for each family I work with and can accommodate many different parenting styles. While books and blogs can lay a great foundation, they cannot account for every little nuance that may arise during the sleep training process. When you work with a real live sleep expert, I can help you navigate through tricky situations that are impossible to index.

Sleep is a complex issue and there are many factors to navigate and consider so it is helpful to work with someone who is trained to quickly spot problems and address needs and challenges correctly so everyone can start sleeping well. My methods are backed by science and research and are holistic in nature to ensure both a gentle and effective approach to restoring sleep into your lives.

I want you to close your eyes and picture your life a month from now. Imagine that…

Your little one is on an age-appropriate daytime schedule and sleeping peacefully at each nap. You’re no longer guessing whether you’re doing it right; you’re confident in your child’s sleep.

You no longer dread bedtime and instead look forward to it as a peaceful, bonding experience. Bedtime battles are a thing of the past.

Your little one falls asleep peacefully. It no longer takes hours of rocking or bouncing to get them to fall asleep. They aren’t waking up 5x a night or ending up in your bed. You feel confident that when they wake, it’s because they truly need something, not just because they aren’t able to fall back to sleep on their own.

You can actually enjoy a date night with your partner or a girl’s night with your friends because anyone can put your little one to bed due to the healthy sleep foundation your family built.

If these are the things you’re wishing for but you feel like they are out of reach, I promise you they can be your reality. 


When you are ready to sleep again, I encourage you to reach out. I offer complimentary sleep evaluations to learn about your specific situation, discuss how I can help, and answer your questions. Sleep is not selfish and it’s not unrealistic. It is important and necessary, and the benefits are profound.

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If you’re exhausted, totally overwhelmed by your child’s sleep habits, or looking for answers to the sleep questions that keep you up at night (literally), then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Jamie, founder of Oh Baby Consulting, and my goal is to help your family get the sleep you need to not just survive, but thrive!

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